Entering the water on the sea shore involves alert for Muslim ladies, not on the grounds that they fear water or some other explanation on equal lines but since of the absence of right swimwear which follows the Islamic practice.


Islamic custom requirements the ladies to be covered from head to toe and just face, hands and feet can be shown. Planning a swimwear which follows the Islamic practice and is agreeable isn’t just a test yet an errand close to outlandish. However, Oliver Momeni responded to this call and has talented the ladies of the world with a dip wear named Bodykini. Oliver Momeni has tackled the riddle and has come out with an awesome unassuming agreeable swimwear planned particularly for the Muslim and Islamic ladies.

The vast majority of the bathing suits in the market focused on for the Muslimahs have an issue of sticking to the body when the ladies emerge from the pool. In any case, with bodykini, the texture dries so quick that you experience no such issue. Alongside this the plan fuses a “four-way” stretch which guarantees greatest solace.

Discussing the plan, Bodykini swimwear is a two piece bathing suit which includes a shirt with a connected headpiece and a different gasp. The swimwear covers the whole body uncovering just the face, hands and feet. The texture used to join the swimming outfit is a great water-repellent texture that isn’t simply impervious to Chlorine/Salt water yet in addition gives an insurance from the bright beams.

The swimwear accompanies not many highlights. The principal highlight is the two flexible groups that are connected at within the jeans that get fastened to within the suit. This component keeps the suit from coasting incase the swimmer bounces with her “Feet first”. The subsequent component is the little pocket with a zipper in the jeans; ideal for keeping little things like keys.

Alongside this load of highlights you have an assortment to browse. Bodykini comes in 2 tones with an unassuming plan on them, planned only for you.

With such countless highlights and a humble moderate value no big surprise we hear sentences, for example, “Thank you, Oliver Momeni” and “Bodykini has completely changed me” so frequently.