Newspapers are dying. the increase in internet usage and the popularity of search engines, primarily via Google and Yahoo the habit of reading of the users has changed. Instead of simply reading the Gazeteler in their hands, people have a greater interest in reading blogs on the internet or other writers they prefer and online newspapers, or searching for the latest news using search engines. (Flavian Page. 231) While newspapers are still a highly read, sold-out news source however, sales have slowed dramatically and the current trend is for sales to continue to fall. The newspaper industry has recently been confronted with declining prices for newspapers and the loss of advertising from advertisers, a slowing trend in ads and the decline in circulation for the newspaper due to declining the number of customers. In the USA newspapers, newspaper firms have reported closings as well as filed for bankruptcy or cut back on staff. Because the internet is an incredible source of news, the income for the media industry have decreased dramatically. It is vital to know that newspapers remain as the top reading media in several countries, such as China, India, etc. where sales have increased recently. Even though newspapers are thought to be dying but the fact is that it is necessary to have information on current events in the news, information on job opportunities and for entertaining our readers. This can be accomplished using alternative sources.
Alternative Resources to the print newspaper

Online Newspaper
The newspaper online is accessible to its users. It can be found in the form of a print newspaper online copy, or a publication on its own. When newspaper companies were online, it opened up numerous opportunities for them contrasted to traditional newspaper formats. Like competition with other journalism on the internet, the use of news breakers, and in presenting and providing the most current news. Print newspapers also benefited from their reputation and credibility in the field and the long-standing relations they had with various public and private advertising agencies to help ensure their existence in the online newspapers. The transition from printed newspaper to an online publication decreased costs and created greater opportunities for job seekers online, as well as introducing the concept of bloggers and freelance writers. This allowed employees to work from home with no restrictions on having to work during a set time and earn a decent quantity of income. (Kirkland, p.1)
A differentiator that separates print from online newspapers that allows an newspapers online to succeed is the fact that it offers access for its users . It also keeps users informed of all the latest news from the world, including current affairs and the stock market. In contrast newspapers printed in print have times of publication and all current news are published on the following day or in the late evening paper. When newspapers are online, readers stay up-to-date and informed. (Kirkland, p.1)
Social Media

Due to the increasing use of internet as well as the popularity for social media platforms has grown. Businesses now make use of social media to provide newsfeeds, product updates, as well as current events blog posts, social networks and more. With the increasing popularity of access to the internet and mobile computers on their smartphones, the usage for social media have grown and readers who were able to get information from newspapers from a corner can now get access to information from all over the world via their tablets and smartphones. Thanks to this media outlet users can not only get news on the go, but they can they can also interact with others and post their ideas, feedback, and comments about the latest news. Thus, it could be stated the social web has boosted the ability to interact with its users compared to newspapers. Thanks to social media, various apps for mobile and online have been developed that are highly interactive platforms for users and companies. (Newman 1 p.2)
In the wake of the falling cost of newspapers and the layoffs of journalists Journalists are the opportunity to make more use of Twitter to serve as a quick news source and a source to update their content and share their ideas

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