Add description for your ArThe online billionaire board game is one of the variations of the game Dream Hunter. This game is quite popular on online gaming systems. The player’s goal is to guess exactly where the wheel will stop after spinning.   Instructions on how to play online billionaire chess at the house 188bet Rules of playing billionaire chess online The rules of 188BET online billionaire chess are similar to traditional billionaire chess. But when participating in online play, players have the opportunity to experience the 3D version and the bonus wheel. On these bonus wheels will appear boxes: 1, 2, 5, 10, Chance, 2 sows, 4 sows. Players will place bets on these cells. The player’s goal is to guess where the wheel will stop, if the player guesses correctly, he wins.   Instructions on how to play billionaire chess online   Step 1: Create an account at the 188bet bookie To be able to participate in playing online billionaire chess, players first need to create an account at the 188bet house. After logging in and creating an account, players need to deposit 1 amount into their account to start betting.   Step 2: Log in to the […] read more