Add description for your ArThe online billionaire board game is one of the variations of the game Dream Hunter. This game is quite popular on online gaming systems. The player’s goal is to guess exactly where the wheel will stop after spinning.


Instructions on how to play online billionaire chess at the house 188bet

Rules of playing billionaire chess online

The rules of 188BET online billionaire chess are similar to traditional billionaire chess. But when participating in online play, players have the opportunity to experience the 3D version and the bonus wheel. On these bonus wheels will appear boxes: 1, 2, 5, 10, Chance, 2 sows, 4 sows. Players will place bets on these cells. The player’s goal is to guess where the wheel will stop, if the player guesses correctly, he wins.


Instructions on how to play billionaire chess online


Step 1: Create an account at the 188bet bookie

To be able to participate in playing online billionaire chess, players first need to create an account at the 188bet house. After logging in and creating an account, players need to deposit 1 amount into their account to start betting.


Step 2: Log in to the website and select the game

Once the player has created an account and successfully logged in, the interface on the website will appear a series of games for players to choose from. At this time, the player will choose the icon of the game “Online Billionaire Chess”. Then, click on the “Play Now” button, once you have entered the room, if the room has enough participants, the game will be started immediately. In case, if there are not enough people, please wait for a moment, when there are enough participants in the room, the game will be conducted.


Step 3: Join the game

Before the game starts, the player will have to place a bet. After placing the bet, the player will be able to spin the wheel, if the wheel stops in any of the boxes 1, 2,5, 10, 2 roll, 4 roll, then the dealer will advance. wheel rotation. If the dealer’s wheel stops on any of the squares the player has bet on, the player wins. The bonus will be paid out in proportion to the number in the winning box.


However, in order to participate in the bonus box, the player will bet on the 2 roll or 4 roll box.


If the player lands on the box 2 rolls, the dice will be rolled 2 times. Similarly, if the 4 roll is rolled, the dice are rolled 4 times. After the dice are rolled, the player will now see a 3D billionaire chess board appear on the screen. A special feature of this game is that players will see the appearance of a billionaire walking around the chessboard to choose rewards and multipliers for the player.


Based on the total number of dice rolled, the billionaire will move to the square with the number of points equal to the number of points on the dice. However, if he moves to the “go to jail” box, the player will have to roll 1 more dice to get out of there.


In case, if the player throws in the “opportunity” or “lucky” box, then the player will now receive a surprise gift that is a cash amount, or a fee.


How to pay the reward of the online billionaire chess game


For the online billionaire chess game, the winnings that players receive when spinning in the boxes are as follows:


  • Spin in box 1 bonus= bet x1
  • Return to box 2 bonus= bet x2
  • Spin in box 5 bonus= bet x5
  • Spin in box 10 bonus= stake x10
  • Spin to chance box Random Bonus
  • Turn in the box 2 times to roll or 4 times to roll The bonus can be up to 10 billion



Online Billionaire Chess is a simple, high payout game. However, to be able to win large amounts of money is not always easy. When coming to the online billionaire chess game, players also need to equip themselves with tactics, as well as before placing bets, they need to calculate clearly. Hopefully, through the above article, it has partly helped players understand more about how to bet in the billionaire chess game. To be lucky enough to become a real billionaire, visit the 188bet house to experience this game right away.ticle from here website bola88