When handling alittle business purchasable , as seller should work on understanding the requirements of a buyer and find out how to form that buyer an opportunity . This process is named the customer behavior study, through this; the customer are often approached and analyzed from differed angles and under different circumstances.

Know facts – what are the items that motivate the customer , why does he shift interest from one shop to a different or from one brand to the opposite , how does he react to new products introduced to the market or delivered to him? Such questions are essential in knowing the items that interest the customer . and thru the knowledge gathered here, a seller would create and merchandise and promotion strategies.

However, it should even be understood that there’s no real defined and tested theory of buyer behavior. Some ideas came from economics, psychology and other theories on social sciences. Many business firms and corporations are continually researching on the customer behavior to extend the possibly of sales with buyers. Yet, any seller would agree that buyers really are some quite riddles. Despite efforts on selling even small business purchasable , one cannot guarantee that a buyer who has first taken interest thereon would erupt the sale.

Buyers have innumerable desires and needs; of these also vary consistent with their security and aesthetic needs. And buyers have their own incorruptible way of meeting their needs and desires, even as long because it is within his or her means. If a buyer thinks that what a seller is offering is much far beyond his reach, a purchase is then impossible to understand .

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