What is Header Bidding?

Header bidding can also be referred to as advance bidding or pre-bidding. It offers publishers a way to deliver ad space to multiple SSPs or Ad Exchanges instantaneously in a parallel bidding auction. Header bidding is an advanced programmatic method or technique that assists as a substitute or alternative to the waterfall technique. Publishers parallelly offer several inventories to multiple ad exchanges, even before making calls to their ad servers. 

Header bidding is explained as the method that authorizes numerous demand sources to bid on the same inventory concurrently, increasing yield and more revenues for publishers. There are two types of implementation methods within header bidding that a publisher can select or prefer— client-side and server-side. 
Benefits of Header Bidding: 

⦁ Surged up revenue: Header bidding can intensify revenue as the highest bidder is rewarded with the ad placement instead of relying on the ‘waterfall’ method
⦁ Achieve greater control: Publishers have more control over sources bidding on their advertising space. Publishers can highlight certain advertisers as per their overall goals
⦁ Speedier loading times: Bidding time is lowered, authorizing shorter loading times with programmatic header bidding. Publishers can use server-side bidding for speedy loading times, delivering a superior user experience  
⦁ Know buyer bids in advance: Minus header bidding, publishers can only rely on a pricing floor and the waterfall. However, this isn’t obligatory with header bidding because the Publisher already knows what the exact bid will be
⦁ Several advertisers can bid on the same impression: Publishers can work with multiple advertisers, leading to innumerable competition for the advertising space. Entertaining a more extensive set of advertisers is also vital to a company’s steadiness and adaptableness over time 
⦁ Enhanced ads for users: With a wide-ranging set of advertisers eager to compete, the users are exposed to personalized ads as per their preferences and interests. It creates a better user experience associated with impressions, eventually 

How does Header Bidding work? 

What’s next?

The above-written guide gives you an overall view of the Header Bidding solution. AdSparc’s Header Bidding Suite intensifies the bids for each impression without lowering the performance. We provide an integrated platform to have all demand sources bid simultaneously for your inventory. This leads to amped-up competition for your inventory; it also increases eCPMs and fill rate and drives overall earnings of the advertising placements. 

⦁ Increase Revenue by 20-40%
The optimized bid competition will extensively surge the ROI of inventory  
⦁ Real-Time Enterprise Analytics
Know everything in real-time. Wide-ranging reporting suite 
⦁ Easy Deployment
One simple line of code applied to your site will do the trick. We will manage the rest 

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